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English day and new words


Today I slept very badly. I don't really know why. Maybe it is just because I will have some new teeth soon.
That is why in the morning I felt sleepy. But anyway we went to the club for the lesson.
Our topic today was "The sun". We danced, made suns from clothes-pegs and did a lot of other interesting things. And I learned a new word "sun".
As far as Misha in in polyclinics today and Sophiyka's mom is sick we had the only one lesson, all together. And after the lesson we went to the swimming pool.
I was very glad again as last week. Mom could not stop me from swimming and diving even when my lips became blue. Anyway I had to go to the changing room and this time I agreed to sit under the hair-drier because I was very cold.
Then we went home and I was put to sleep.
In the evening Katia came. First, we wanted to go to the zoo, but then it appeared to be closed at that time. So, we decided to go the other direction from our house. And we found there a pretty lake, rather dirty but nice. And there were also two ducks there. And we spend some time by that lake till it was dark.
At home we saw some cartoons, had breakfast and I went to bed as was not feeling well.

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Комментарии к посту "English day and new words" (3):

  • albina
    albina 14.04.2010 22:05
    Ваюш, а для особо одаренных, можно перевод:)))
  • Karamel'Ка
    Karamel'Ка 20.04.2010 23:25
    Надо же...моих школьных знаний хватило, что бы все понять!!! Красивое солнышко у вас с мамой получилось!!!!!
  • juliakosach
    juliakosach 21.04.2010 05:32
    спасибо) ))) и браво! многие даже после институтов мало помнят английский)))))
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