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English Day


Today is Wednesday. It's our English Day and Mom spoke English to me today.
I woke up very early today, at 8:40, and woke my Mom. At that time Dad went for work. And Mom and I were going to the swimming pool. I missed it a lot! So we went to the swimming pool and swam about 45 minutes. But I was very tired and was yawning and touched my eyes. So I didn't want to dive a lot.
But today my friend Sasha came. He was absent for a long time because his Mom was sick. And today we were watching each other. And I smiled to everybody.
And then we went home and I slept in my baby carrier. I slept a lot.
But then I didn't want to sleep at all. Mom wanted me to sleep at 5 and 6 and 7. But I didn't want.
Instead we painted and played with her. And she read me an Еnglish book. And I played with the blocks. Mom showed me how to make pictures with them. But I tried only to take them. And we also played with the ball.
And we also played around. And Mom shouted: "Tooth, tooth, tooth" and laughed and kissed me.
And when my Dad came home I still was not sleeping. And we went to the bathroom with him. After it I was so tired that I even didn't wait for Mom and fell asleep on Dad's arms.
And also today in the swimming pool Mom noticed that my hair became red. She wanted me to be red-haired when I was in her belly. And now she was very surprised to see that I am not brown-haired as I was when I was just born, and I am not fair-haired as I was in autumn.
I woke up: 8:40.
I ate: rice porridge, apple, plum and marrow juice, apple, carrot and quinch smash, biscuit.
I slept: 12:00-14:30.
I went to bed: 21:00.

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